SIAMESE Workshop – climate experiments – wallflower or lever for transformation?

Together with the innovation lab of the TU Vienna the SIAMESE team hosted an open workshop discussion to explore the transformative potential and the necessary framework for social-innovative climate experiments. Mainly the topic was identifying which instruments, resources and cooperatives are missing or should be strengthened to further support the transformative change with experiments like this. Over the past year, five case studies were examined in detail as part of the SIAMESE project. Building on the findings of this research, participants discussed the necessary framework conditions for designing and implementing experiments, conducting them, and utilizing and sustaining the results and insights. The discussions touched upon various aspects of project work and social experimentation, such as the culture and trust on which experiments rely, the structures of funding landscapes that continually demand new innovations, and the question of limited resources for implementing experiments.

The insights from this workshop will be integrated in the final activities of the project, particularly in terms of institutionalizing the developed recommendations for action and creating a networking platform for initiatives, institutions, and stakeholders from politics and administration.

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