The transformative research project SIAMESE, funded by the Austrian Climate and Energy Fund, will enter a new phase this fall. With TRAIBHAUS, the project will grow into a space for networking, which will serve as an interactive forum for actors in the Austrian climate scene from politics and civil society. The aim is to create a common learning space that contributes to the formation of transformative capacities in politics, administration and civil society in the context of socially innovative climate projects.

What is the TRAIBHAUS?

The TRAIBHAUS pursues the following goals:

  • Exchange and networking between (socially) innovative climate initiatives from politics and practice.
  • Identification and discussion of international examples of successful transformative climate policy and initiatives.
  • Comprehensible processing of research results from national and international research projects on the topic of social and transformative climate projects.
  • Joint learning processes and mutual support on the topics of climate policy, civil society engagement and process management as a contribution to change.

Who is the TRAIBHAUS?

The TRAIBHAUS is designed by researchers of the Institute for Spatial Planning (Vienna University of Technology) and the Center for Social Innovation. The target groups of the TRAIBHAUS are all those who are active in the field of transformative (climate) initiatives. This includes employees of public administration on local, regional and national level, employees of funding institutions, politicians, as well as initiators of civil society experiments, KEM and KLAR! managers and research projects.

Where is the TRAIBHAUS?

Currently, there are already two communication channels: a LinkedIn group and our website.

Why is the TRAIBHAUS needed?

There are already some actors dealing with different aspects of social change in the Austrian landscape of climate policy (CCCA, Climate Lab, klimaaktiv, KlimaKonkret, etc.). TRAIBHAUS is not meant to be a competitor to these platforms, but rather to help fill existing gaps and promote networking between such initiatives.