Genossenschaftsladen UmsEgg

UmsEgg is a regional and mostly organic grocery shop with a cooperative ownership structure and hybrid opening hours.

The new type of local grocery store in the centre of the rural community of Losenstein is a cooperative grocery shop run by its members. The aim is to test a community-based economy and an environmentally friendly approach to food. Short delivery routes, a high number of unpackaged foods, and the use of out-of-date or unsellable products are all part of the plan.

  • Experimental character:
    UmsEgg is the first hybrid shop in Austria, testing customer involvement in decision-making and a cooperative ownership structure with customers and suppliers as members.
  • Challenges addressed:
    Local availability of basic services, preservation of rural village and town centres and use of vacant buildings, regional food supply chains.
  • Financing/funding:
    Funded by the Austrian Climate and Energy Fund in the LEADER region Kalkalpen National Park
  • Duration:
    From 2018 with no end date

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