Canon of Climate Experiments

Looking Back at the Canon of Climate Experiments – Recap of Our Networking Event

We marked the shift from SIAMESE to TRAIBHAUS on October 2, 2023, with the Canon of Climate Experiments. To wrap up our climate research project, we had the pleasure of inviting representatives from politics and practical fields to reflect on their expertise, discuss challenges, and connect. The SIAMESE team provided an overview of innovation processes and key research findings. On the Experiment Marketplace, six initiatives shared their practical knowledge by presenting themselves and their work and being available for questions. This was complemented by sharing policy and practice guidelines based on research findings and fostering active knowledge exchange, addressing challenges, and building connections among the participants.

What was initially presented in a small setting by the Canon is now being continued by TRAIBHAUS – the Transformation Innovation Hub Austria. TRAIBHAUS serves as a networking platform for anyone with experiences or ideas related to socially innovative climate experiments. The post-event review (in german) concisely summarizes the main insights from our research and outlines the Canon.

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