Austrian newspaper “Die Presse” writes about SIAMESE

The press writes about SIAMESE

“Hoping for people with ideas and a sense of community” – this is how the headline of Erika Pichler’s article in the weekend edition of “Die Presse” from November 26, 2022 would translate. In the article, PI Johannes Suitner (TU Wien) and co-lead Wolfgang Haider (ZSI) talk about the importance of non-technological innovation for climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts. The two also present initial findings on transformative climate experiments in Austria. The civic cooperative Um’s EGG, and the governance experiment “Paris – Vorderwald” of the Climate and Energy Model Region Vorderwald are presented in more detail.

The entire article can be read here: SIAMESE article in “Die Presse”, 26.11.2022

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